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live out loud

Dsc02145 "If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I will answer you: I am here to live out loud." -Emile Zola

This is how Emily came out of the shower the other night. 

for the love of scones

Dsc02130_2 Dsc02141_4

As if this pile of lovely ingredients wasn't enough, turn them into Savory Cheese & Scallion Scones, and heads will spin! Check out the recipe here, really simple to make. We had them hot out of the oven with butter along side dinner. I think they would also be really good as the base for Eggs Benedict. Yum...


Dsc01944_1 I like to make things. Not really anything in particular, and usually nothing too fussy. Just little things that I can share as gifts to people who don't mind my amateur sewing skills. For me it is more about feelin' the fabric love than pleats, ruffles, darts, etc.. I am pretty defiant with a sewing pattern in hand, but do find them to be a good place of inspiration and reference. But fabric, beautiful fabric is what keeps me coming back to the sewing machine. Right now I'm into the designs of Amy Butler , as used in this bag made for a friend's daughter who helped me out with child care one night. Below is a baby blanket made for my cousin's son, Riley. I typically would back this with flannel but could not find any that worked with the front. They live in the south so I am hoping the muslin will be fine. Creating is a good outlet for me,whether it is cooking, sewing, or knitting, it's all a Dsc01961_1 constructive place to put energy and thought. Especially when Emily is saddled up beside me on her sewing machine as we craft away an afternoon together.   


Dsc02149_1 Emily has chosen to read the fourth Harry Potter book for sustained silent reading at school. She has second guessed that choice over and over for months now. You see, there are two rules around abandoning a book in her class. The first: the book is too difficult a level for you. Second: the book is just so plain awful it is painful to sit through. Neither is the case, darn. It's just so big. In 3rd grade she has about 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week to plow through this book before she chooses another. The discussions have been great about all of the other titles calling to her from the classroom library... just as soon as she finishes these 734 pages! But wait, we have a copy at home... a plan is forming: "If I read at home as well I could finish this book so much faster!" (Mind you, she has read this and all of the other Harry Potter books with Adam before, her honesty as a student does not come from me, she is actually going to read it through again!) So this is how much of the weekend was spent, aside from a couple of trips to the Lebanon Green for some skating and pick-up hockey games. In this photo it's 2:00 in the afternoon, jammies still on, nose in a book, friend by her side. Perfect Sunday.

enjoy the weekend

Dsc00630 This photo was taken at school last year on Earth Day. The kids had spent the day outdoors planting, gardening, composting, and other fun earthy stuff. I love the good amount of dirt on Emily's face. Such s sweet kid. Have a wonderful weekend. We'll be doing a whole lot of nothing, together.

beauty that moves

This photo has inspired me to share about the title of my blog. Beauty that moves is a reference to an Ani Difranco song. For me it captures a truth that most of the good stuff in life, the riches, are Dsc02091_1 those little glimpses, reflections of fleeting moments. I am reminded by these words to stay open and present as life reveals herself, knowing that if I knew I'd be taking my final breaths I could say, yeah...I'm living.

Last week I spent an afternoon being moved by every single groove put forth by this band, Echo Uganda. They performed at my daughter's school, the kids were completely immersed as they danced and played instruments, wearing traditional costumes. The smiles and energy in the room were both HUGE! My camera batteries died just as the performance started so the few pictures I got resemble this one. And you know, they are perfect. This image captures the blur of color and rhythm of the day magically. Beauty that moves.


Dsc02099_5 Thank you to all who came and supported the No Freeze Yoga Benefit. Your shared energy, compassion, Dsc02100_2 and hope were felt and appreciated. Thank you to Emma for assisting class and to Matthew for his sweet musical performanceDsc02107_3  during shavasana. For now I don't have much to say, I'm still taking it all in. I am tired, I am inspired, I am connected, I am blessed. Enjoy the photos from the day, thanks Diana for taking them and playing hostess. You rock! Another time everyone? Until Dsc02104_2then, thank you and goodnight.Dsc02102_1

the pantry

Dsc00109_1 This little room is the reason we bought our house. It is surrounded by 2,000 sq. ft. of lovely, interesting rooms... but this, this sparks the imagination. You can't help but wonder about all that might have taken place here. Homemade pies rolled out on the marble counter, canned goods lining the shelves, beautiful vintage floral fabric for curtains, breeze moving through windows, simpler times. We know this room is not original, but still quite old, built somewhere between 1910-1930. Before that it was most likely the summer kitchen. It is my favorite corner in the house, hopefully you have yours. Have a wonderful Dsc00108_1 weekend.

could it be true?

Is winter going to arrive after all? Emily actually needed this get up last night to take Sukha outside. Dsc02079_1 This feels good, normal, not like the bizarre feeling we all had less than 2 weeks ago when it hit 70! So not right. And then this morning... genuine ice on the windows! Dsc02080 Looks like we just might get our fourth season, fingers stay crossed. Plans for snow adventures have been brewing since November so there is sure to be huge amounts of fun if when the white stuff actually appears. For now we will stay cozy waiting, knitting, chatting, sipping tea, hibernating.Dsc02089_1