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It's Been a Whole Month?

My goodness I had no idea! A whole month since I have posted something crafty. It's been a whirlwind around here to say the least... there was my cousin's wedding on Nantucket::the quaint but not so little Victorian Home Tour in early June, nearly 300 people came through our house!::while the house was clean we figured we'd have an end of the school year party for Emily's friends and their families::a really great and much needed gathering with family (thanks Donna)::job changes for Adam::finishing details on the frequently mentioned but still mysterious project (will be revealed THURSDAY morning!)::setting up a new studio::and now, settling (very easily) into the rhythm of summer, this is more my speed...

Did someone say a new studio? It's a little sparse and not completely personalized yet, add to that a camera that does not like to take wide angle shots of tight spaces, but still, would you like to take a look around. Notice Emily's first embroidery project, age 4, hanging on the shelves in the first pic. And Sukha, who is always available for sewing support!

Dsc04069 Dsc04068

Dsc04060 Dsc04070

Dsc04072 Dsc04080




Oh yes, I am so excited to call this space my own! I made sure to provide plenty of seating for guests too. It's the same not too fancy set up I've always had really, just no longer in the basement, which I am very grateful for. My family has given me a whole room, thank you for being ridiculously supportive, as always. This space has the best light, it's right next to Emily's room, and the breeze... dreamy.

So, I've begun making a few things again, and it's given me such joy to have my hands busy in this way. It's funny, as I look at these photos it is very evident where my heart has been lately. Brings a little smile.

Dsc04087 Dsc04093



Hope you are all enjoying summer, whether you are swimming, playing, gardening, or lazily embroidering beneath the magnolia tree.

Summer is Upon Us

I love summer more and more each year. Becoming a mother has allowed me to see the season through a different lens. Children are so in tune with the rhythm of the school calendar, extended backyard play after dinner, neighborhood friends coming and going, and lazy read-the-afternoon-away days. Emily reminds me to slow down, schedule less, say no to a few things, spend less time doing and more time being. I really do adore life at a snail's pace.


Dsc03970 Dsc03948

Art Garfunkel once said he determined his success in life by whether he was able to not work in the months of October and May. If he could accomplish this, his life was a success. For me it would be October and June, the best of both worlds here in southern New England. I like his sentiment though. I really, really get what he means.

So, with Summer officially two days away... we're getting ready... berry picking... fresh herbs are plentiful from the garden... baked beans simmering for hours and hours... stacks of library books everywhere... lazy outdoor dinners... dessert date with neighbors tomorrow... Merle, I'll bring the iced tea with mint and lemon balm... and maybe the girls will catch fireflies.


Eleven Months Ago


Eleven months ago today you entered our lives. In this photo you were tired, sick, extremely underweight, and on your way to your new home for the first time. We hadn't set out to adopt a seven year old dog, not with a little girl who wanted a new pup to grow up with. But your gentle spirit and loyal nature were obvious to me... and from the moment I laid eyes on you, I knew you needed to be with us. It took you a while to heal from the hardship of your lonely travels, and we will never know just how long that was. The folks at the shelter told us you were sent up from the south and it is very likely you were a Katrina dog. I do know it took you days to wag your tail, weeks to be able to run faster than Adam, but you still have not given up your desire to be held and loved constantly. We know that whoever your family was before us, they loved you too. It shows in everything that you do.

Who could have known at this time one year ago, as you struggled to survive and to make it another day, this union was on the horizon. Thank you dear Sukha, for the many blessings you have brought to our family.



Dsc03886 Dsc03887



“The greatest sign of success for a teacher... is to be able to say, "The children are now working as if I did not exist."   ~Maria Montessori

Dsc03889 Dsc03881


“Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world”

~Maria Montessori

Letting Go



"When carving stone, the sculptor removes everything that is not the statue. She does not add anything to create it, except the willingness to do the work. The art of revealing beauty lies in removing what conceals it. So too, Patanjali tells us that wholeness exists within us. Our work is to chisel away at everything that is not essence, not Self."

~Judith Lasater


Dsc03865_2 I love when my heart and mind are in a place where yoga exists everywhere, all around me, especially in life's greatest challenges. The most beautiful, sacred gifts are revealed as we allow all that is not useful to fall away.

It's Been A While...

It's sooo good to be back! Though I'm not all the way back yet... still need a little more time off. I am almost ready to share my new project, but not quite. Do you like how I assume you are all waiting on the edge of your seats? Very soon, I promise! I'll be around this week with lots of pics and very few words as that seems to be what my energy allows right now. So what have I been up to other than top secret doings? Well, life of course... here is a photo montage of the last couple of weeks around here. I warn you now, two weeks can produce a lot of pics, especially for a bloggy girl, which I am sure you understand.

Thank you all for your responses to my last post, it means everything to me.

Dsc03654 Dsc03662

Dsc03656 Dsc03710


Dsc03708 Dsc03720_2

Dsc03724_2 Dsc03719


Dsc03733 Dsc03730


Dsc03757 Dsc03751


Dsc03781 Dsc03785


Dsc03806 Dsc03807




Dsc03700 Dsc03652

Oh my, that was very nice of you to make it this far...thank you for visiting.