The Mountains are Waiting Patiently

Made for Her

Dsc04396This was the first bag to sell at my show over the weekend.  The lady who bought is was very sweet, she practiced yoga, shared a couple of studios with me in her area should I feel like making a little road trip to take a class. Not a bad idea really, as one of them is in a post and beam barn, loaded with windows and flooded with sunlight. Sounds perfect.

There was no hesitation in her choice to claim this bag as her own. It was fun to watch her notice the booth from the main aisle, walk directly in, eyes fixed on this bag, picking it right up, this was made for her. No doubt. It reminded me of how I've been finding the words to embroider for these bags. The words arrive, and there is no second guessing. The meditation that follows as I watch letters appear across the linen allows me to cast aside the details of my day, and sit inside the moment. Incredible rhythm this needle and thread.

I hope to have a few of these in the shop in a few days, maybe next week. Hope you're all still moving along slowly and beautifully through summer.