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Office with a View


What was that? A high rise, corner office, with a window you say?  Umm, no thanks, I'm good. I've been preparing for an upcoming show this weekend. This time my approach is much more relaxed than it was for the last one, Thankfully, I won't be repeating the 48 hour sew-a-thon that took place!  Nope, smooth, summery sewing is all I'm up for. And the more that takes place beach side or trail side, the happier I'll be.

Lately I've been intentionally adding a lot of hand stitching and embroidery to my work. This way I can 'work' outdoors. I also find myself wanting to stitch words, whatever is floating around in my mind, resting on my heart. They became a  beautiful mantra as I lose myself in countless backstitches, of the earth... of the earth... of the earth... I am a very grateful lady.