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The fruits of recent thrifting excursions.  Nothing terribly exciting, though I do love the brown and orange in the center photo. I only photographed the most exciting of the lot, I know that's not saying much. As I loaded these photos I did get a few ideas that were definitely not coming to me as I was picking them up over the weekend, so I guess that's a good thing. You know how it is, you're all pumped with your allotted fabric stash cash in your pocket, ready to score big... but alas, you come home with lots of good, durable, practical lining fabric (boring), tiny snippets of great cottons for minimal use (a tease), and the obligatory "what was I thinking" purchase.


It's not even the pattern as much as the texture, a very thin, awful to touch polyester. Think 1974 housecoat. Would you understand my momentary lapse of reason if I told you it were only $1.00? And there are yards and yards of it. Some days the thrifting gods smile down on us, other days it's as though they are laughing, pointing even, and we are humbled. Okay, that might be a little dramatic.