Made for Her
It's not all Beaches and Stitches...

The Mountains are Waiting Patiently

Things are rolling along here, slow and steady. Our days have been full in all the ways that make a summer day gloriously full. I feel a little silly popping in here with alternating beach and sewing/embroidery posts. Both certainly are much loved activities for us this summer.

Most years I can't get enough of the forest and mountains, and while I do feel myself itching for some serious time on the trail, it's come to me a little late this year. Normally for us there would have been at least two hiking trips and many day hikes already completed at this point in the season. But for reasons unknown, I keep heading to the beach. And you know, I've been enjoying every single bit of it.


I have embraced this beach filled summer quite easily. I know when I do find myself heading in the opposite direction, toward my beloved Green Mountains, they'll be waiting for me, they always are. Until then, I do apologize for the lack of variety around here. But don't you think summer is a time when summer itself is usually enough? There really isn't much that I can add to these near perfect sun soaked days and cool nights.Dsc04343    Dsc04300_2