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Three Wishes


Emily had three wishes on her list for Santa this year. I really meant it when I said I'd post about Christmas until the summer, bear with me.

1. Old school roller skates. This kills me because I had them as a kid, the kind that were made out of metal, rusted easily, had four big red wheels (no inline business back then), and the perpetually missing skate key.  I wish I had saved them for her because I know she stumped Santa big time with this request. There is a very good chance the elves who once made these skates, back in the day, are long retired and living fat and happy golden years alternating between fireside naps and belly filling feasts, provided by the Mrs.Claus.

2. A 1930's little girls dress. My recommendation to Santa for next year would be to invest in the expertise of Miss Peter Pan Collars, Wiksten-Made. These things are best placed in the hands of those that know what they are doing. I'm not doubting Santa, goodness no. I'm just thinking that those plump, retired roller-skate making elves of his have long forgotten the ways of whipping out those peter pans... even if they'd have been willing to share  their wisdom with the new elves on the block.That's my guess anyway as to why such a dress did not arrive under our tree.

3. A hat. The kind a hobo would wear. Or a runaway. Or a train conductor. Or a little boy from the 1930's. We're pretty fascinated with the 1930's. Somehow Santa was able to pull this one off, I have no idea how but I am so grateful because man, this was one hell of a list.

The hat gets worn a lot! It has proved to be a most versatile accessory, working it's way into all sorts of play. 

Santa, no worries about the other two items on the list, another time. And I do hope you visit us for many years to come.