a month of balance :: day 29
it's a wrap

a month of balance :: day 30

097 083 Without a doubt, totally worth the mess. I made this recipe, I've been really pleased with the few recipes I've tried from Mama's Fixins (plus I really love the name of her site)... remember the Cinnamon Rolls? I also tried the Rugelach with the extra pie crust and they were excellent! I'm not sure what all the comfort food baking has been about, it is August after all. Maybe if the sun would shine a little more here in New England i would feel different. At least I haven't gone so far as to break out my all time favorite go-to-for-comfort-food cookbook yet... bet that link surprised you!

Well, this post wraps up my Month of Balance series, thank you all for following along, with an extra thanks to newer readers who have taken the time to introduce themselves and say hello, now have way too many new blogs bookmarked... but I'm enjoying them all thoroughly. I will return next week with a wrap up of this month long project; what I've learned, noticed, and am taking away from it all. And then we'll see about getting back to some regular posting... I'm feeling inspired. Have a wonderful weekend!