Hanging on to Summer
An Update

A Very Brief Hello... and Jam


Hi everyone! I have only a minute, there are some major computer issues in my life at the moment. This explains my absence the last several days, and likely the next few days ahead. Hang on (I say to myself), check back soon (I say to you), and wish me luck as I attempt to remove over 8,000 photos, countless word docs, e-books, music, and who knows what else from the hard drive. The many, many hours spent on the phone with tech support tells me that my computer is not toast yet, but everything has to come off asap so they can work their tech-y magic and breathe new life into my fifth appendage.

In the meantime, have some jam.


The other night I made a batch of Rhubarb Ginger Jam and have been enjoying it for lunch everyday with goat cheese, really rugged crackers, and sliced pears. Everything about the combination of these things is perfect.

I'm really trying to link to this recipe but my quickly degenerating computer is saying no way, you're lucky to be on here at all, nice try smarty pants. It came from the editor's page of Hallmark magazine, October issue. I'm kind of surprised I enjoy this magazine, but I do. My mom got me a subscription when it first came out and though it was much lighter on the advertisements back in those first few months, the photography in the feature articles is always so beautiful. So if you see it on the newstands, flip to the letter from the editor for the jam recipe, it's excellent and would also serve nicely as a little tummy tonic for the family. There is a 1/2 cup of fresh ginger in the recipe that makes about one quart. Ginger lovers utopia!

See you soon!

ps - All of this computer nonsense also explains emails and comments that need responding to as well.  I'm behind on things, very behind.