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A Very Brief Hello... and Jam

Hanging on to Summer

DSC00187 For us, part of the craziness in flip-flopping schedules when I taught yoga, was  what I referred to as the parking lot swap. Adam and I would meet at a given time, minutes before I had to be at the studio, him slightly stressed from leaving a pile of unfinished work on his desk because of his early departure. As a mom, all I can say is parking lot swaps suck. I'd stand there passing off Emily, spend two seconds debriefing with Adam, then I was off, shouting last minute dinner instructions out the window as I drove away. I never was able to escape the feeling in my stomach and a voice in my head that said, "this is so not the way!" DSC00005 Because our time as a family is so precious, and it being summer and all, we've gotten pretty good at making the most of the one night a week he comes home at a decent hour. DSC09998 Enter ice cream for dinner. Every Thursday.

As the summer winds down, I find myself upping my game, as you can see by this banana split. Totally not finish-able, so darn huge. I am not one who is shy about hefty portions of ice cream, but ummm... seriously.

We take a little drive out of our city and head to the very New England countryside of winding roads, fields of wildflowers, and horse farms, finally arriving at our destination. Adam always says those waffle bowls are just too much, so delicious but way too filling, next time he'll just go for the ice cream... yeah, right. As you drive up, the incredible smell of made to order waffle bowls and cones is everywhere, resistance is futile.

We hang out with the ducks and chickens, cows and bunnies, flowers and open space... there is usually a soccer ball or two lying around for play. It's very simple, just ice cream and families, doing their best to hang on to summer. We've got one full week left before Emily returns to school, there is a lot of summer to experience in these remaining days. DSC00047 See you next week girl, and please tell your shy lady friends back there I said thanks. You never disappoint me.