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An Update

The verdict on my computer... it needs a new wireless card. Which they are sending me and should arrive this Friday. The thought of me actually installing this is hysterical. Definitely deferring to the husband on that one. We all have our strengths, doing things with teeny tiny phillips head screwdrivers in completely unknown and expensive territory is not mine. If all goes as planned I will be back to regular posting on Monday, starting with my previously mentioned lunchbox post! Please continue to contribute to that subject in the comments today, I will of course link to your brilliance.

I'm on borrowed time right now, using another computer. I'll leave you with a handful of photos from the last several days. Life has felt big and inspiring lately and I've missed capturing that here, I look forward to returning next week and reconnecting with this blog and yours as well.






Two more things... when I removed everything of importance from my computer last week, I forgot to do one thing. Of course I realized this after we had done a complete system recovery, restoring my computer to it's original factory settings. I forgot to copy my blog list. Gasp! You see, I don't subscribe to any blogs, I only bookmark and visit when I can, which is often. I like looking at blogs in their original format, as intended by the author. In the various reader services they seem to leave out all the side bars, banners, and such. I like all that, there's good stuff there. Anyway, I lost my entire list of reads, and it's a little embarrassing to say how many that was. It's a lot, way more than a girl can commit to memory... if you read here chances are I'm reading over at your place. If you don't mind throwing me an email or leaving a comment with your link I'd appreciate that. I'd like to build that list back up again.

Second, I'm going to start responding to your comments and questions within the comments of each post. It may only be once a day that I can do that, but please check back if you had posted a question or a comment that requires a response. The comments section of a blog is a great place for discussion and community, and you are never alone if you have a question or thought about something. Others will benefit from your curiosity.

Enjoy the rest of your week... we started back to school here yesterday and I found one solid, blissful hour of quiet to practice yoga. Right now I'm off for more of the same.