It's January 3rd and My Tree is Still Up
You Know it's True Love...

I Happen to have an Apron Collection

As part of the great clean-up/pack-up that happens with the sale of a home, the purging and organizing of things has been entirely satisfying.The other day I washed my apron collection. I generally do not consider myself to be a collector of things, the idea of it makes me feel a little claustrophobic. But to my surprise, once they were all gathered, washed and folded, I see there is no denying it, I do indeed have a collection of aprons. And I'm making no excuses about it.

My very favorite is the white with blue roses on the right.

It was my grandmother's apron and I feel her presence each time I tie it's strings around my waist. I could easily let go of the rest of those piles if I had to, but not this one. This one was Mema's, and it is one of my greatest treasures.

Tell me, is 22 (and counting) aprons too many for one girl to have?