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We Have a Flood in our Basement

Nice way to start the first non-busy day of the week, eh? I was going to stop in here to talk about "what's in my summertime car gear bag/basket" (I think it's an official term). For starters, I keep a pair of utility scissors and a lidded glass jar filled half way with water for easy and spontaneous curbside flower arranging (hence the yummy lilacs in the photo above). There are other things too - sunblock, bug spray, freshened up first aid kit, change of clothes, towels, local trail map book, extra shoes (especially shoes for river walking), things like that. There are more things of course. I was hoping to work through my list out loud, so to speak, with all of you as I'd love to have my car equipped by the weekend.

Then there was a flood. In my basement.

We've never had a drop of water in our basement and I cannot figure out where it is coming from. Of course, did you notice that I've stopped mid-flood to blog about it? Yeah, probably not of apocalyptic concern or anything...

Care to keep me company while I'm mopping and repairing?

What do you keep as essential summertime car gear?

We all have different lists and I'd love to know what is on yours. It's a good time for all of us to start thinking about this. I know my list is lacking a few things but right about now I've got "basement is flooding" on my mind, and can't seem to focus on this silly list. Seeking and accepting all advice... and goulashes.

Okay, back to the flood.

weekend play

weekend play

Truth be told, there has been a bit of work too. Very fun work though, hardly should be called work really. But the play has felt especially good as it represents an idea I've been carrying around since December. Such sweet release seeing that picture up there. I can't wait to share more about it... soon.

thank you, and a gift

Today I feel overwhelmingly grateful. I think it is a deep human need to simply be understood, you have fulfilled that for me completely. Do you remember when I wrote this post? I shared a drawing that I had been working on for several weeks prior, it was my companion through the unraveling of it all. Oh, those words. So precious to me.

I don't really know how to say thank you for all of the love and understanding that has poured through in the last day or so. Try as I might, words just aren't enough. I believe it is possible for a blog to be intimate and personal while remaining private, to share your heart and your process without revealing your entire story, it is what I strive for and I appreciate that you all understand that. There was no pressure to divulge more than I chose, no pressing questions. You are a graceful bunch, for sure. As a symbol of my gratitude, I'd like to share the most tangible, everlasting piece representing this chapter in my life. I had some prints made of this drawing and I'd love to sprinkle a few around. Would you care for one? 

To everyone who visits here, quiet readers or regular commenters, you make this space more than I ever could on my own.  If you'd like a chance to receive a print, please just leave a comment here. Simple. I will "draw" a few names early next week and announce the recipients on this post. Best of luck, and thank you. Each and every one of you.

Comments are now closed friends, thanks everyone. You are too kind.

The winners:

anissa ljanta - i am one of those quiet appreciative regular readers of your blog...i only follow a few and yours is in the mix. as a blogger myself i understand the public/private dilemma and admire the dance of disclosure you do so gracefully (it seems from this end anyway!)...thanks for the quiet powerful inspiration your art brings me in my days walking the creative mama path.

jen - Ah balance, just as we find it the Universe shifts and we must start a new search. Thank you for your beautiful words and photos
vickie - Hey, i've been away from here for a few days and I just read your previous post about staying put in that cute little home of yours (i'm sure the one in Vermont would have been just as cute ;-)) Everything seems so much at peace from your pictures. I am so happy I stumbled upon your blog a few years ago. I love your hairstyle.

Ladies, I will email you all shortly!

i suppose now is a good time to tell you

Hi. It's me, can we have a little chat today?

I'd like to share a second bit of news.

Oh, people. Blogging is a funny thing isn't it? We share parts of ourselves here, with each other, with the world. We put certain things out there in a big way yet other things never see the light of day on our blogs. Mostly, I've felt pretty good about what I have shared here, and what I have chosen to keep private. I don't really have any regrets, including my choice to share so openly our family's plans to move out of the city and head two states north settling into Vermont.

Unfortunately, now I must tell you that we are not moving to Vermont. Our house has been taken off the market, we are not selling and we are not moving at this time. I know, crazy and upsetting on so many levels. Here is my current dilemma. I can't really go into the nitty gritty details of it all... well, I could... but I won't. To explain why everything fell apart would require me to share too many details and to do so in this very public space would be inappropriate. So, I'm choosing to say nothing. We are staying here, for now.  

We are disappointed of course. But in case you are wondering, we have not given up on the dream (so don't you dare give up on your own dreams if you were one of those sweet people who found inspiration in our journey). It is more alive than ever and we are forging ahead with a refreshed outlook and gained perspective. We did learn so much about ourselves and about others in this process. We learned about the unwise and idealistic mistake of putting all of our eggs in one basket. We learned (almost too late) about the importance (for us) of not giving up home ownership in favor of a rental in today's economic/real estate climate. We learned about friends and community having our backs, and affirming our choices by reminding us we made a wise decision. And on a personal note, I learned that it can be very helpful to have an attorney in residence. I appreciated the counsel when it came to deciding what one should or should not apply their signature to.

We learned that the best decisions we make are often the hardest.

I am going to continue posting my home tour series however, because that was kind of fun. I keep forgetting that I'm doing that, it's been awhile! I also am looking forward to resettling here on the blog, in my home, and in my town. I feel like I've had one foot out the door for so long that living life fully and presently has slipped from the top of my agenda. Time to restore balance there. It's also time to celebrate the urban homestead like never before. With our feet firmly planted in the present, we are choosing to bloom where we are planted.

Right here, right now.

Now, what does a girl have to do to get a few chickens in her city back yard? Did I say urban homesteading? Perhaps I should have said renegade homesteading. Maybe it'll be me and a tiny flock of chickens against town hall. Stranger things have happened...

treasure hunting has been fruitful lately

I'm certain the only difficult part of being a vintage shop owner is deciding which of the found treasures must stay right here and which ones I can possibly part ways with.  My days are filled with big, important professional decisions like that.

I must run now, there is a great deal of washing, polishing and photographing to do. Many of these goodies will find their way to the shop throughout the week. I'll always have the photos, right?