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making spring rolls with children

Be Back Soon...

:: Tomorrow morning, just as the sun rises, Emily and I (along with her fellow sixth grade classmates and teacher) will be boarding a train destined for Philadelphia. All sorts of fun things are planned and we are quite excited. (Her sixth grade class has five students, so her teacher and I can provide plenty of supervision. I realize most classes are bigger and didn't want anyone to feel alarmed that we were taking 25-30 children with just two adults!) One of our planned stops that I am particularly looking forward to is food related (of course), we will have lunch one day at The Reading Terminal. Have any of you been there? What little place must we try? Also, I know of one young man in particular who would love a superb Philly Cheese steak recommendation. Leave us a comment, I'll still be checking them throughout the day today.

:: So many your packages are shipping out today!! The rest (later placed orders) will ship out over the weekend or first thing next week. I've developed a nice little system for producing such a large number of zipper pouches that seems to be running efficiently which is good news for all of us! ;) I have a new colorway to introduce next week too!  

:: Julia has so kindly asked if she could borrow a recent post of mine to share at Rhythm of the Home, of course, Julia! I just may be sharing other things once in a while over there too. Who could ask for a more wonderful place to hang out?

:: Have you seen Tara's new venture? Surely a wonderful, unique service to pass along to friends and family. How interesting that Tara offers the perspective of both a child who was unschooled, and now, as a mama who is unschooling with her own family. Beautiful. I haven't commented on the spectacle that was Good Morning America's attempt to educate the country about the life of an unschooling family, but Tara was among the many bloggers who helped give correct insight into the life of such a family. I will say one thing about that piece... did that reporter even notice the half dozen guitars in the thirteen year old boy's bedroom? Why didn't she ask about them and his obvious passion for music? Yet again, I am reminded of the scene in Good Will Hunting where Matt Damon's character is having a fit because people always ask "the wrong questions." Anyway, I can think of many families who would benefit from Tara's wisdom so I wanted to share her link. Plus, I am all for supporting this Veggie RV family find ways to stay on the road and keep on keepin' on...