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woods, books, and friends

Well hello March! We welcomed the month that holds Spring the best way we know how, outside. We hiked with friends, the adults sinking to their knees with every step in the still deep snow. It was a very vigorous hike to say the least! We were happy for the little things, like carefully avoiding steps on the beaver pond that just might be thawing out now. A pond we could have walked straight across just a few weeks ago.


How could we not stop  and marvel at the still high in the sky Sun at nearly 4:00 in the afternoon... such a gift.


The trails were just behind one of the libraries in our area, so after the hike, inside we went. Among the pile that came home was this new to me title. This is my kind of cookbook. If I ever wrote a cookbook, this is the style I would love to write it in. Although, I have a feeling little ol' me couldn't get away with it the same way Mark Bittman can. I've only begun peeking through the pages, but already I think I may need to own this one. 


Every recipe is set up this way. A title, then a short paragraph that just talks you through making something. No measurements, no step by step, no times to keep track of. Just good food unfolding as you follow a few sentences that Mark writes. It has a very intuitive approach, which I love. 

Okay, must run and get our little homeschool up and running for the morning...

To those of you that asked about borrowing the morning :: noon :: night idea, please do! I have a feeling after my full month of the project, I will continue with it one day a week. I do love the practice so very much, it's truly a favorite. It would be wonderful if you joined too, feel free!