My Biggest Homeschooling Mistake
She Thinks it's "So Cute!"

boo! (and the most colorful snowstorm ever)















What a weekend we had in the northeast! Today we have snowy halloween preparations to finish up, a little more snow to clear, and an apple pie to bake. 

Locals - we have power if you need anything. Ours went out for only an hour or so on Saturday, but we now have hot showers, a warm meal, and heat to offer if you're in need. They are saying it could be a week until all power is restored. 


There is quite a bit of damage in the area; the outages, damage, etc. is being reported as reminiscent of Irene. In our own yard we had three huge limbs come down. One took out the clothesline, another crushed my entire veggie garden. At least there will be more sunlight in the garden now. 

Tomorrow I'll be back with final grocery challenge numbers, it's looking good!

Happy Halloween, everyone... stay safe and warm!