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I'll Meet you There












 Beyond good and bad, there is a field. I'll meet you there.

~ Rumi

Well friends, it is time for me to sign off from this little bungalow on the hill. Over the next week we'll be celebrating birthdays and holidays, gathering with friends, and packing.

I hope to stay present for every single moment as we close one life chapter and begin another. Feeling blessed, feeling grateful. Still amazed by how this all fell into place.

I'll meet my beloved in the field...  among the trees, quiet, safety.

Wishing each of you a peaceful holiday season. we'll reconnect in the new year. xo 

warmth :: gifts :: light


It must be sixty degrees outside. Windows are open, unexpected warmth. On the first day of winter a fresh breeze moves through house.


I haven't read One Thousand Gifts yet, but it seemed like the perfect gift for a few ladies on my list, paired with a journal. Renee reminded me of how much I love reading journals. A place to write down beautiful sentences and insightful revelations... I should start doing this again.


Keeping this blog as a daily journal feels nice. As much as I adore blogging in a topical style, I've found that I don't have the time to devote to that type of writing these days. This feels natural to me right now. Even if it does reveal how utterly plain my everyday life truly is. 

Plus, it's nice to take pencil to paper throughout the day, recording moments and thoughts as they appear then tapping them out on my keyboard in the evening.

Evening blogging... also new for me. 




Emily has been writing cards all morning, I am reminded of how desperately my address book needs updating. Kelly Rae has a pretty one, I spotted it locally the other day.




We wrapped up some gifts while listening to Tsh's latest podcast. Who needs Christmas movies when you have homefries

I taught Emily how to measure the amount of wrapping paper needed for each gift, and how to fold in the edges for a neater package (mama's a Virgo)... love those little tricks. Now we'll head to the post office to send them off. Crossed fingers for a swift delivery.


While sitting at the stoplight, three college students marched single file through the crosswalk with a Christmas tree under their arms - the weight of it shared evenly among them. Emily and I cracked up, the whole scene was so Abbey Road... college student/holiday style. 

Late afternoon was spent wrapping his gifts, accompanied by a peppermint mocha latte. Divine. Grateful for the quiet of winter, and the gift of light returning. 

noticing :: beautiful door :: wine


The time has come where I find myself walking around the house, noticing things for what feels like the last time. I'll miss this house, but it was never intended to be our forever home so I think I've always kept a little distance between my heart and these walls. We have wonderful memories here, and we'll have many wonderful memories to come... so long as we're together. 

It was this door that made me call the home owner seven years ago and ask if she'd show us inside, and hopefully sell it to us too. It wasn't on the market, but she wasn't living here either. We are grateful she said yes to both our requests.

Today I spent an unexpected full day out in the world... how do people do that every day!? I'm so tired. I bought myself A Very She & Him Christmas to soothe my nerves for the long ride home. Totally worked.


Right now it's me and a glass of wine, typing away while Adam and Emily play a game. Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to a day at home filled with Christmas movies and wrapping gifts. Time to hunker down...

christmas books :: brunch :: teacher gifts


In keeping with our effort to have a simple holiday season this year, most of our Christmas and Winter books remained packed away. Feeling the need to bring out a few favorites, Emily went up to the attic and made a small selection. It felt so good to know that had Adam or I done the choosing... the exact titles would have come downstairs. Family favorites, confirmed. I want to remember this.


Our shopping trip went off without a hitch, people were friendly and the stores not too crowded. Brunch before things got underway was a nice idea... as were the sour cherry stuffed crepes. 


Music teacher gifts (both past and present) were well received. A box of herbal tea and a bar of good chocolate were the perfect answer for this family who is not able to make much of anything this year. Pack, pack, pack...


Big salads for dinner with warm herbal tea. A nice compliment to the cool greens. So many clementines. 

The winter solstice is his favorite day of the year. Most people wouldn't guess that, and he's not exactly telling, but I know and love him all the more for it.   

adventure books :: miso soup :: family tea


A friend was over the other night and she mentioned her teenage son was into real life adventuring books these days. Well, if ever there was a moment for Adam's ears to perk up... conversation continued. Before we knew it one title was pulled from our dwindling bookshelf and another from an already packed box. One left the house for this young man to read, the other he'd already read. I noticed the latter still sitting on the table this morning.




I'll miss our toasty warm, well-functioning steam radiators, but I won't miss the 45 drafty windows and poorly insulated walls. Today called for miso soup loaded with collard greens, shallot, carrot, tofu, garlic, and a little ginger. Magical tonic served up in our oh-so-special nature girl bowls, handmade by Melissa

This reminds me to get a pot of lentil stew going for dinner...


We're taking a little homeschool vacation for the holidays, not quite as long as last year... today was day one. The list that she made for herself does not exactly spell rest and relaxation if you ask me, but sitting still for too long really isn't her style. Yard work!?

She doesn't know it, but I'm adding "make peppermint bark with mom" to her list. I hope we can get to that. 


Packages are arriving! It feels like this almost entirely mail-ordered holiday is even more meaningful. Is that possible? I've searched mindfully and thought carefully about each gift before pushing the add to cart buttons. I'm excited for the giving to begin!


Among today's packages was one of Emily's new classes for the second half of this school year (there are more materials coming still...). Not a holiday gift, but we are both very excited about this one! Opening the box and peeking inside offered a comforting, grateful for homeschooling, moment. 




Waiting for Adam to come home, the lentil stew is simmering, my girl is sitting beside me. Better run so we can get the table set and slice up some fruit.


Closing the day with family tea time, nice and mellow.

Early to bed (I hope)... tomorrow Emily and I are going to head out first thing and brave the store, there are some final things on our list. Hopefully everyone is really friendly out there!

tea for two :: climbing trees :: all is well





After her late night party on Saturday, she had a good long sleep in Sunday morning. We enjoyed a few hours to ourselves - tea and reading for two. 

Sundays have felt different for us lately, understandably so. I miss our regular time outdoors, but packing our home and helping my parents do the same has been top priority. 

Soon enough, we'll be able to roam out the back door any day of the week.

Recently while visiting the new home, Emily went for a walk out back to climb trees. In fourteen years she's never had the freedom of solo exploration, the very thing my own childhood was made of. I don't have the words to describe how much it means that this will be her everyday... soon.



Right now we are busy with the work of home and family... all is well. 

Simple and Perfect Farewell



















Girlfriends, a mashed potato bar (huge hit!), cupcakes, popcorn, and a favorite Christmas movie. A tiny treat bag for our guests. We've enjoyed having parties here, so many great memories over the years... tonight was a simple and perfect farewell. 

(My favorite topping was mushrooms and onion sauteed with rosemary...oh yeah.)

baskets :: simple meals :: girlfriends

Well, thank you! My little family appreciates your cheers and well wishes! Our bit of news has been tucked away in our pockets for months now so it feels good to finally release it. 

Now that I've spilled the beans about our move, my journaling in this space will feel even more authentic to me. Keeping the news secret made sense for many reasons, but I felt there was an important "this is my life right now" detail lacking in my entries, I'm happy to write more freely now. 

Walking around the house I collect and stack piles of baskets, keeping track of them like I would small children. I do love my baskets. They need to be packed last, unpacked first, and tended to throughout. I've also reduced our essential books down to one bookshelf, waiting for the final day or two to pack up. Funny though, I've packed up the majority of my clothes and will be living out of a small suitcase for a few weeks. Priorities.


A new set of tires is not the most fun purchase to make in the middle of the holiday season. I also just paid my final tuition payment (for one school). Two very adult Christmas gifts. Nice and practical. 


I need to focus on simple, optimally nutritious meals to feed us for the next few weeks. Big trays of roasted veggies, stews and other one pot wonders, stir-fry over grains.

Easy, warm, yummy.


The refrigerator is sparkling clean as of 2pm today. It's coming with us to the new house so it needs to be in good shape for traveling. All dressed up and ready to go.

The last time we moved with a refrigerator was when we left Vermont. Adam somehow hauled the entire thing up onto his back, walked down our front steps, across the lawn, and onto the moving truck. He then went back in and did the same thing with our sofa.

What a crazy sight that was.

I'll never forget that day, leaving the village we loved. In the morning we climbed the little mountain in town, the one only locals knew of (back then). From the top we looked out over the valley and said our goodbyes from above. 


It's been a busy day as we prepare for Emily's final party in this home tomorrow. Girlfriends, Elf, and a mashed potato bar! I'm really trying to curb my topping selections to under a dozen... but I can't stop thinking of more choices!

chamomile tea :: soft wool :: big changes


Oh, basketball season... you are so germy and bring sickies into this house like nothing else. Now if only I could convince her to neti... I think a day of Christmas movies is on tap. 


So cold and grey outside. Started the day with a hot shower, warm oatmeal and chamomile tea, then layered on soft, cozy wool. I feel like curling up and going back to sleep. 


For someone who never called her blog a journal, that sure is what its become. Taking notes of the day, letting that be enough. It feels quiet, but good.

I was going to write down that I've been organizing our homeschool things as we approach mid-year, which is sort of true, but not entirely.

Here's the thing. There's an elephant in the room that I haven't written about here. I thought I should save the news, until every last detail was said and done, but my days are consumed with something so wonderful and huge right now I need to write about it if I'm going to be writing about everyday life! 

Two weeks from now, we are moving out of the city and to the country. (!!!)

(Yes I'm organizing homeschool things, but I'm also packing!!)

There is so much to share, and I will when the time is right, but for now I just have to say it out loud. We're moving! In two weeks! One can imagine how that fills our days at the moment, it's too hard not write about it. So here I am, putting it out there. 

I've mentioned Dallas, he will be our new neighbor! And here's a few pictures I took on the property in the fall.  





I imagine there will be much change and healing for us in the coming months, it's time I got comfortable writing about it.

To be able to walk out the door and be in nature, no car required. Such gratitude.

Lush, green, quiet. I am so ready...

school :: love :: nest


Two mornings a week he 'does school' with Emily. This has been a huge help, not just to me, but to Emily. The sustainability of our little homeschool lies in structured diversity (if that makes sense). It's nice to have our familiar rhythm - we do love a good rhythm - but a touch of variety is good too. Regardless of needs and schedules, it just feels right to have learning be a whole family collaborative effort.


I can hear them having their final Grapes of Wrath discussion, at least I think it's the last. I'm so glad she enjoyed this book, and that she was eager to talk about it. Sometimes book discussions feel a little forced for her, this time not so much. I'll miss this book. 


Home Educating Family - I get a free subscription. I think it was won at a homeschool convention last Spring. My personal beliefs don't always align with everything inside, I kind of like it more for that reason. Looking forward to sitting down later to read about Ron Paul, Michele Bachmann, and homeschool e-portfolios through blogging... what a combination!


I'm really enjoying our part-time approach to school right now, it makes sense for us. Taking an extended break last year made it so difficult to find our groove again. My public school teacher friends tell me the transitional months of September and June can sometimes be a bust. (For the record books/lesson plans anyway, still plenty of goodness can be found.)

I reminded myself to be kinder. Love wins.

Today was an unlikely day to do a little redecorating, it definitely was not on the schedule. But when the nest needs fluffing...