Another Day
27 :: january

26 :: january


She was up early, buzzing around the house fluffing and straightening as she does - in her snowman jammies. Her preference for all things tidy often has me thinking she'd do well living with our family in Northern Maine. I'm sure not a cleaner house can be found than those in Northern Maine.








Playing around with a beautiful new lens. I hear it can do dreamy things, especially in low light. For now we are just getting acquainted. Funny thing about using a lens that you need to manually focus... you need decent vision to accomplish the task. I can't pretend anymore, me who has nearly maxed out the magnification offered by over the counter cheater glasses. I do think Dr. Goldstein and I will be seeing each other soon. He tells good jokes.






 I feel super organized when his lunch is prepared the night before. 


Sukha ate the very last chocolate chip cookie, something she's never had before (of course). Emily left it on the coffee table - perfectly placed at Sukha's nose level - while she talked on the phone to Pepere. Now there is a great debate going on between she and Adam over the injustice of it all... I don't think Sukha sees their point.