One Fine Day
warmth :: thrifting :: pasta

hand sewing :: new shelves :: food photos


The key ingredient to a successful day (for me) is a proper bedtime the night before. 

Now, if only I could remember this day in and day out. 

I've been drawn to the idea of hand sewing lately. A patchwork hot pad, pictured above, was made this weekend... a second to match is almost complete. They are each lined with two layers of cast aside bath towels and that seems to be the right thickness. Truly I'd like to make hand sewn clothing but thought starting small would be best. Nonetheless, I ordered a skirt, dress, apron, and two blouse patterns last night - none of which look like they should be worn in this century. I suppose the style will be quite fitting for a little hand sewing. I love to sew, but I do not love the noise of the machine and how it sets me apart from the activity of my family. I'm not the knitter I dream of someday being, but I imagine hand sewing a blouse will have the same heart investment and meditative quality that knitting a sweater does. And it can be done while we're all together, for the most part. 



Laundry folding, homeschool planning (and doing), new closet shelf organizing... makes me happy. All of it.

I should probably wash the wall near that light switch. Maybe tomorrow.




I'm quickly entering that place of having so many food photos from my day, but very few recipes to share here... mostly they are over there



 A rain filled evening with new music, a good conversation, a proper bedtime. 

(We've been enjoying this song a lot too. Prettiest tune ever.)