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One Fine Day

innermost house :: ordering seeds :: bath time


The arrival of snow this week has been just what I needed. Twice we woke to freshly fallen powder, and tomorrow's weather predicts snow falling all day. We are stocked, supplied, and ready. 


Last night Lisa shared with me the most intriguing website. I think I'll take some time to read more of it this weekend. (I'd also like to devote and hour or two to my inbox, so far behind on that - sorry!)

I found a brief video about Innermost House which left me inspired. 




Seems like a good day for a little garden planning and seed ordering. Our neighbors already created a pumpkin patch for us before we moved in. In one of the property's garden areas they piled six huge mounds of compost (thank you Dallas) and inside of each placed one of last year's pumpkins. This coming Spring... a pumpkin patch will be born! They've done this for themselves with great success in the past. 


We joined Project FeederWatch through The Cornell Lab of Ornithology, they even have a page for homeschoolers. What a fun framework for our new found hobby - and to help provide field data for researchers to use on a larger scale, very cool. 


I used to have this Friday afternoon rhythm, usually between the hours of 3-5pm, where I'd sink into a little homeschool planning/researching/grading, etc. Cruising homeschool blogs and websites that I don't get a chance to visit much during the week, seeing what people are doing, reading learning... I loved that time. I'd mentally and physically organize our own materials for the coming week, and find a sense of closure  for the week we left behind. This was such an inspiring window of time in my week, chosen because of how quiet our home feels at this time, on this day. The house is usually (fairly) clean, the fridge stocked, maybe even a weekend meal or two prepared. Anyway, I was much better at holding this space for myself last year... I'd like to try and return to this next week.

Stanley had a bath and a haircut, he's such a good sport about both. Now we're about to watch The Grapes of Wrath and wait patiently for the weekend snow to roll in.