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phone call :: making music :: snowy night


We talked for a few minutes this morning. I should call him more in the morning, later in the day we are all tired, I realized this today. It makes sense really, he and I are both morning people, always have been. My mom and sister the opposite.


A new semester of piano has started. I never have to ask her to practice, this must be a good sign. Making music everyday, just for the joy of it.





Birds have become such a big part of our life here. We never had much success with feeders at our old home. The city squirrels are fierce and were known to steal entire feeders. Here we just count and identify the species (one after the next, so many!), take note in our journal what they eat (if we can tell) and dream about saving up for a 300mm lens. Those Blue Jays sure are bossy by the way... 






I had a little trouble sitting down to menu plan this week, so much is going on. But eating well (especially when so much is going on) matters. More stress? More veggies! I'm very grateful to be working my way through the recipes submitted by my workshop contributors. What a perfect solution, thank you ladies!


Snow is coming down outside, we're all tucked in and enjoying the view.