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Another Day

warmth :: thrifting :: pasta


Well, such is life in New England. Here today, gone tomorrow. This morning birds were singing and the air smelled of Spring. Damp, warm, muddy earth is one of the finest scents in the world. 






A little thrifting adventure between classes/lessons today. I've been trying to pull together a random collage of old paintings and illustrations for a while now, seeing these all in one spot, just as I had envisioned... perfect.

I did a good amount of writing while Emily was in classes - both being at places that do not have wifi so it was truly just writing. 


I skipped grocery shopping and came home early. He was making dinner for us which was so good - some type of pasta saute with mushrooms, onion, tomato, garlic, and something that I couldn't put my finger on which drove me nutty because I usually have a knack for identifying secret ingredients.

Now, they are playing basketball in the basement (!!), later we'll stream an episode of The Cosby Show, which Emily recently discovered.