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29 :: March






I have many more photos from the day that I hoped to share here tonight, but flickr is not cooperating at the moment and they would benefit from an edit ot two. So these three will do. 

We spent the day with friends, visiting the Italian bakery, eating all sorts of yummy things, kite flying (it is March after all), and now some have branched off for the evening to go see the Hunger Games. I'm home catching up on a few things waiting for their return. 

Flat Stanley is returning to our cousin in Iowa... oh, the places he's been this week! I may need to share more photos on another day. They're really quite cute. I remember Emily sending Flat Stanley up to her Great Grandmother's homestead in Vermont when she was little, how excited she was! When Stanley returned to school, he was posted on the bulletin board with thumbtacks straight through his arms! Seven year old Emily was horrified! It's funny now, but not so much back then. Thankfully the school fixed thumb-tacked-Stanley right away. I do hope Ninja Stanley's return to Iowa is a little less traumatic, for all involved.

Off to turn in now... I'm loving Radical Homemakers so very much, it's become the perfect nightcap for me each night. Until next time...

26 :: march

What a sweet time of year. The flowers on our table transition from an entirely market bouquet to one mixed with a few yellow and green sprigs found walking the property. It was raining yesterday when I went out to collect these, and Dallas stood out in the middle of the field soaking up every drop. I've never lived so close to a horse before, learning about them is new for me. Adam grew up with horses so the newness is not really present for him... the familiar childhood smell of manure is though. Ah... just like home. 


Setting up the screen porch has been a slow, (mostly) patient process. I was feeling behind on this space but now the weather is back to the cool, windy March that we all know and love. It's too chilly to enjoy it now, so I still have time to make it the way I'd like. In the garage there are chairs waiting for their new oilcloth covering to arrive in the mail, and a coat of paint too. My bigger project is that of sourcing two well made, wooden, comfortable (preferably white) rocking chairs. If anyone knows of a local to me place to check out I'd appreciate the tip. 

It's a small space, but when this room is finished, between the dining side and the rocking chair side, I do believe we'll spend most of our waking (non-gardening) hours here. Not a bad place to be at all. 

I over extended myself on something recently. Oh, that feeling of "I'm too old for this!" When did I start saying that? Hitting the herbs each afternoon, tonic needed for sure. At this point in my life, sleep cannot be compromised. 

I'm feeling really content with many things right now, yet some things feel wildly beyond control. I suppose that is the natural order of life.

It's been a long road. I'm hopeful about what I see in front of me.


A note to those of you waiting for the next 30 Day Vegan workshop... registration will open tomorrow! I'm very excited to offer this Spring session beginning in May, it will be the only 30 Day Vegan in 2012! And you know I'll be launching registration with a super fun "Bring a Friend" offer. Stay tuned!  

22 :: march













We took it easy today. Thankfully, the weather was perfect. It was a good day to slow down a bit. I'm loving our open windows while sleeping. Turning in now, looking forward to fresh air through the night. And peepers... oh those peepers.  

21 :: March

























Sweet little Alice passed on today. A ceremony was held, Beethoven played. Johnny-Jump-Ups were planted and chakra infusion watered the ground. A photo of her favorite human was buried with her. Wood was carved and stones were decorated. Sukha attended, of course. The sun set gently behind us.

Goodbye sweet Alice, it was lovely to have known you all these years. 

20 :: March




Hello Spring! How fitting, awakening even, that the first item found in my inbox this morning was Renee's new ebook. Nurturing Creativity: A Guide for Busy Moms, what a perfect treat on this day. I will be digging into this much more during Emily's classes and orthodontist (wow, we are there...) appointment later. 

I finally made the decision to go Kindle in order to more comfortably read all the great ebooks I come across. Who wants to read a book on the computer? Current Kindle reads are Renee's book and Emily's current homeschool read, Captains Courageous. What a combination! 

Sukha spent a little time outside grazing... enjoying the first sweet grass of Spring. 


As she does every year to commemorate Spring's arrival, my sister sent Emily fresh flowers. They were tucked into a basket on our front porch waiting for our return home. My girl and her fresh flowers, not many things bring her the same kind of joy. 


I found this small treasure today. Carefully stitched, expressing the sweetest sentiment. I feel this here, in this place. Family healing, my chosen words for the year are still going strong. In more ways than I could have imagined.

19 :: March

At first light I took a walk out back and Dallas was standing there ready for the day. His farrier came today, Emily was invited over to watch. We were reminded what a small world it is when he mentioned to Emily that he's heard great things about her grandfather... Adam's dad hasn't shoed a horse in thirty years (give or take a few), yet his reputation as a farrier in these parts is quite legendary. My skill loving self finds it comforting to see a trade passed down; that today's farrier new who came before him decades ago. I loved that Emily could feel her place in it all, thanks to this horse (who's kind of funny and snoozes when his hooves are being trimmed) named Dallas. 


I talked to my Dad this afternoon, he's in Florida. I commented about the weather (of course), and he told me Florida is having the same temperatures as we are. My neighbor was out on their deck sunbathing today. Tank tops, and porch sits.

What on earth?




This taproot thing is something special, I wonder if others feel it too... I bet they do. It sure feels like a peaceful, producitve revolution is underfoot - one that I'm so happy to know about and be inspired by. 

In Radical Homemakers, Shannon writes of the home being a place of production rather than consumption. This very thought has been on my mind so much lately, but I couldn't put it into words. I'm grateful for Shannon's clarity.


Oh my, I must remember this simple recipe forever and ever... Crash Hot Potatoes are my new favorite thing. The way the super hot oven crisps and caramelizes the potatoes is quite magical. I used gold potatoes which were nice and creamy but crispy around the edges. It would be lovely if these arrived on our dinner table weekly. Yes, please. 

17 :: March


On Monday morning we are starting the Couch to 5k program. I don't have any interest in running a 5k, I'd just like to be able to. Me and running have never been too close, I prefer yoga and hiking. But, why not

So, first things first... a few hours spent creating playlists.




The other day we were feeling tired and had pretty low energy. It seemed confusing until we all mentioned itchy, stinging eyes too. Could it be? Already? We're not much of an allergy family, but for a week or two each Spring we do get ourselves a little taste of it. Nettles and honey, nettles and honey.


Hello budding trees, my itchy eyes told me of your arrival...




I've taken to working quite a bit on the weekends. This isn't something I normally do, but lately I've enjoyed sinking into a project at a time when homeschool is not on my mind. Today Adam went to pick up Emily's friend and returned with a surprise Chai for me, which added to the afternoon quite nicely. Both the tea and the sentiment.


We hope to get the peas in the ground tomorrow. Twelve blueberry shrubs arrive in a couple weeks, it all seems to be moving and warming so fast now. I bet the experienced farmers are being wise and cautious about all this warm weather... New England is not known for her clear and easy transitions. But I'm a relative newbie, and a very excited one at that. 

14 :: March


I did some menu planning and  headed off to the store, alone. This doesn't usually happen and it was a nice break in the day. Windows down, listening to the Avett Brothers. I took the long way home.


Oh, and a little detour to the fabric store. Because spring-like weather calls for a few new skirts, and my weakness for prairie skirts made from Laura Ingalls type calico needs to be indulged. My favorite tutorial for these skirts is mentioned in this post


After my solo adventure, it was nice to return home for lunch together. She had already eaten, so it was just him and I. Then he headed out for the rest of his work day. Oh, this homeschool/career dance that we do. 


From there I took the reigns and we worked on more schoolwork together. I was really proud of her for working longer, past "school hours" on something that really needed to get done. And she did a beautiful job. A born writer she is... 


The sap has finished flowing. My uncle came to take all the buckets down and I put in my (very large) order for syrup. It will be so nice to see those bottles lined up in the pantry, ready and waiting for the year ahead.




Dinner included an early spring pea pesto, and plenty of sunlight across the table. 

13 :: March


In the morning she worked on her Brave Writer class on the front porch, later she read History up in a tree. I didn't really need a reminder about the goodness of homeschooling, but today was an easy one. 





We saw a movie this weekend that was so wonderful, the trailer alone is an inspiration. Being Elmo is not about the marketing madness of a must have toy. It's a movie about human artistry, passion, childhood dreams coming true, invested parenting, and so much more. Oh, I will be watching it again I believe. So, so good. (Streamable on Netflix.)DSC_0026

Still adjusting to the time change, feeling tired and slightly out of sorts, but totally enjoying sunshine long into the evening. It feels warm, the earth is ready.


I have no complaints about these early Spring days. 

9 :: March





Every household has its quirks. We have many. One of the things I notice around here, and I wonder if we are the only ones who do this... we never pack away the Christmas dish towels after the holidays. I suppose they should be packed away, we have other vintage linens and of course the standard decorations that all get packed up until the holiday spirit comes around again. Yet the handful of red plaid dish towels with Saint Nicholas appliqued on the front remain in our everyday rotation. The kicker - each December I genuinely love and appreciate them as if it's the first time I've seen them all year! And each December I find this awareness so odd, because I've been using said towels all year long! I have no idea why this is on my mind today.





Friday night means cozy and mellow around here. Movies, cocoa, popcorn, nag champa. Sometimes tea instead of cocoa. Or wine (for some of us). Tonight we watched Get Smart which we've seen well over a dozen times. Always good for a laugh. 

I do love a good Friday night.