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I scheduled two hours with my inbox this morning. Very satisfying. Not completely resolved, but on its way for sure. Then I had an hour of meal planning/grocery list making scheduled. After that, a small window of time before we had to leave for piano and softball. Adam took care of homeschool today as I worked... so with this 30 brief minutes of time staring at me I wrote "rest" on my to do list. Rest is very important work. Smartest moment of the day. 


Two years ago I made a list of short-term life visions. I came across that list the other day and was kind of stunned that four of them had been realized. I turn 40 in six months, it's as good a time as any to take care of that final item. (And because I love a good list, I'm sort of anxious to wrap this one up and create a new one for the next few years.)