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The seasonal shift is so strong right now. Seeking expansion and quiet, equally. Today was beautiful, filled with great people and long talks and a husband that came home early. I'll be sewing again soon, it's been so long. My sewing machine was packed up in November, it'll be nice to hear it humming along. I've made progress in my very small knitting world... but my vision is for that world to become big and wooly and warm. Practice makes progress. I know a sweet and talented woman who is eager to walk me through the places I need walking through. I see flowery patterns when I close my eyes and everywhere I look when they're open. Colors are vibrant and swirly, blending and contrasting. Canvas and paint, paper and pens... I'll take either. My sensitivity has been heightened lately, tender to the bone. While that makes it hard to do things like navigate the DMV and tax season and big stores with fluorescent lights, it makes for brilliant creativity. I love a silver lining.