19 :: April
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20 :: April




The geraniums have been moved outside. There was not a bit window space left as the seedlings grow and grow and take over the sunny spots throughout the house. So, a week or so earlier than I'd like, the geraniums moved on out. I'll keep an eye on any frost warnings. 

We are finally getting rain! The gardens are just about ready for planting, I'm afraid I missed my chance for peas. I may try a few anyway. But lettuce, broccoli, kale, chard, and the like are begging to be planted already. We found some rhubarb on the property and a few apples trees, now to see if those trees are healthy enough to produce fruit. I'm sure the deer love them, if so.








Because I work from home I can collect all the kids on school vacations. Most of Emily's friends go to school outside of the home so this is really exciting for her to have them around during the day. One of her good friends does homeschool though and had to take a break from the day to skype in for a class meeting. The girls crowded around for a bit to check out the online classroom, then we headed to the kitchen to (quietly) bake a cake while the meeting took place. We used my go to chocolate cake recipe (with wheat flour, sucanat, coconut oil type substitutions). We pureed raspberries for the top, and a perfect dessert was served. 


They ate the cake straight form the oven, piping hot... the entire thing, no less. 


After two days of a bustling more than usual household, I was home alone last night. Sunset dinner for one on the deck, lost in thoughts of gratitude over the closing of Whole Food Kitchen this coming week, and 30 Day Vegan that is registering now. Sharing my love for simple, real food is a humbling dream come true. I am here and you are so very far over there... yet we meet through this screen to cook, share, learn  and grow, together. What a pleasure it is.