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He is firmly planted in our homeschool routine now. This did not happen without a learning curve for all of us, but oh my he brings so many amazing things to the table. There is a definite dance now between him and I, balancing work and home... it's not unusual to see this homeschool dad making pancakes in a suit, in between court hearings and contract signings. Everyday I am grateful for the flexibility we have right now, it hasn't always been this way, and it may not always be, but right now it is just right. (And dressy!)










With one project coming to a close, I've returned to the work of unpacking and setting up our still new to us home. I do best when I can focus my energy on one or two projects at a time; homemaking to the degree that I enjoy it has taken a back seat the last few months. It feels good to return to the domestic side of myself. One of the projects at the top of my list is the couch slipcover. With a little help from Pinterest tutorials I really hope I can pull this off, I invested in 20 yards of fabric (the blue in above pic, pillows to be made from the gold floral) so my fingers are seriously crossed on this one. The woman at the fabric store was so helpful, boosting my confidence and directing me to the best thread and needles for the project.

My parents are coming to visit in two weeks and part of me would like to have the cover finished by then, but part of me would like my mom's help. Mom used to sew all of her own clothes in high school, and even sewed her own wedding dress, the family first communion dress (from her wedding dress lace), and I believe she sewed our baptism dress too. Her yearbook states that she was "most likely to have a future designing clothes for Phyllis Diller"... Mom had, um, a certain style.


I'll be sure to post a pic when the slip cover is all done. 









The days have been good. Heavy rains from the weekend have passed, the garden is slowly being planted, and my uncle drove up the street with his heavy equipment to help us take care of some tree stumps and such. (Well, he and Adam did the work, I passed out beer and sandwiches.) Last night the lawn was mowed for the first time, which always smells so good. Things are humming along over here. Glad to be enjoying the busyness of life.