25 :: April
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26 :: April




 It is really something to witness a person living out their natural talent and gifts. He's so good at this, talking endlessly and with ease about literature, math, history, and the mold growing on those muffins we forgot about in the back of the pantry. She is like him, the two of them with identical minds feeding off each other for hours each day. Then, "finishing" early and deciding it's the perfect afternoon for the batting cages. We all have our strengths, keeping the homeschool mojo going for the long haul is definitely his. 




We went to the store for dog food and guinea pig supplies and left with a car full of plants and pots and potting soil. They had concord grape plants and blackberries too! We don't have those yet, I may stop back in on Friday. Grapes would be lovely.




There is another girl on her team that homeschools which is a nice connection to have. The other kids always treat her with kindness, curiosity, and a surprising amount of envy, when the obligatory "where do you go to school" question comes up. Still, at this age, it's natural to want to blend in, to fly under the radar... especially for someone who doesn't like attention (at all). 

I'm off to pot up some lemon verbena and pineapple sage. I also need to take a good look at my to do list. I've been putting so many things on the back burner for three months and now I want to doitallrightnow!

No, try this. Make a list, do two or three projects per day.

Yes, I can feel my shoulders relax already.