27 :: April
1 :: May

30 :: April








I think it's been several days since I've emptied my camera card. I didn't even share all the juice photos I've taken but oh my I'm so addicted to juicing right now. I'd like to come up  with a juice for every color of the rainbow. 

Years ago, long before there were blogs, we made our own laundry soap. I have no idea where I learned to make it, but my recipe was pretty much the same as what you see posted nowadays on blogs. My friend and landlord was a master soap-maker so we used all her seconds and scraps for the grated soap portion of the recipe. We enjoyed homemade laundry soap for quite a while... and then it seemed to stop working. Clothing had a filmy feeling to it once dry, and colors were dingy. We switched back to regular laundry soap from the market. Then blogs came into my life and I was reminded again about homemade soap, so I tried it again with a new water system in a new home. Same thing, it worked fine for quite some time, and then stopped cleaning thoroughly. I really want to get this right though, so I'm back to researching and experimenting once again. Hopefully I land just the right combination of ingredients for long and successful laundry soap making.










These days. They are good, for sure. Each day warms a bit more than the last. Spring!