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Better Get to It

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We're in deep with about two feet of snow on the ground now. Winter has been quite proud and showy lately. Adam blazed snowshoe trails throughout the property, even linking up to my uncle's property where my aunt has blazed her own trails as well - making one amazing loop for anyone inclined to strap on some shoes. Scout is a serious snow dog, staying outside for hours upon hours. We gauge the icicles on his tiny chin hairs and when they reach a certain point it's time to come in to warm up and thaw out. And then the cycle is repeated, day in and day out. 

We've been finishing up a few projects that have lingered for several seasons. With spring on the not too distant horizon, if they aren't completed now we wouldn't have a chance to do so for many months to come. I thought I'd share a few pics of one project in particular. 

Adam has been working on a new dining table for quite some time (we won't count the years...) and it is finally done! Not the easiest thing to take a picture of, but hopefully these give you an idea. 


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He didn't work from a plan so I don't have specific details to share. The top is pine (my choice - he probably would have gone with a hardwood) and the bottom is a repurposed base from a 1970s dining table. He sanded the not so pretty orange-y finish off and wouldn't you know it, the lines and shape of it were really nice! And it's  incredibly solid. He didn't just screw boards on top of the base, but he took the time to drill holes in the sides of the boards, adding dowels which secure the boards to one another. This resulted in perfectly tight seams between the boards and a very level surface. I actually wouldn't have minded if it was kind of rough and tumble, looking like it had just been dragged out of an old barn, but he was feeling a bit more particular than that. For the finish we used Vermont Natural Coatings

It may have been at least three years in the making, but it's here now and all is well. We can comfortably seat eight around the table, ten if we're feeling cozy. Any number beyond that and I usually switch to buffet style anyway (sit wherever you'd like), so this dining table should suit our needs just fine. 




I've been making fabric gift bags of the non-Christmas variety, what a great way to use small remnants in my fabric stash. Tied with a pretty ribbon, fabric bags are much sweeter and everlasting than the paper bags. Plus, I'm looking for any excuse to play with my new machine these days. I never knew how wonderfully smooth and quiet a sewing machine could be!  It may have taken half a lifetime, but I am finally sewing in peace. 

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We had such a nice Valentine's Day. A comforting, hearty, wintertime dinner and a few small gifts for each other. I made Emily a pair of Toast fingerless gloves. It was my first attempt at thumbs and it worked out quite well. I'd like to make a few more of these to keep on hand for gifts. They knit up in no time at all and Emily loves them. 

{Ravelry Notes} - I was not able to link to the pattern for some reason in my notes. See link above, instead. I have so much Ravelry updating to do in general... but this is a start! 




The mug was Adam's Valentine's Day gift. You can see a 360 view here.

Snow is coming down again today, our third storm in a week's time. I know many people are tired of it, but I'm not. I will, however, be tired of summer by the third hot and sticky week in July. But winter? No problem at all for me. In another month I'll happily greet the scent of thawing earth while planting peas... but for today, there's a fresh six inches of snow to enjoy.  

I bet the trails could use a pass through to freshen things up, we better get to it.  

The Best Idea

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(Some photos from Hibernate, 2014.)

On Friday morning, at 9am, I published the content for our last day of Hibernate. At 9:03 the phone rang and it was Adam calling to congratulate me on the completion of another workshop. I could not be more thankful for the support of my family when it comes to my work. Everything here is woven together - homeschool, family schedules, company visiting, homemaking, my work, etc. I don’t leave to go to work, not even to a separate room in the house. It all happens in the midst of family living and it takes some pretty fantastic people to never complain, to encourage me constantly, and to cheer me on at the finish line. Sometimes I think I’d be more productive by having a proper work day - even better, a separate place to make it all happen. But then I’d miss the team effort and the endearing support of my personal spirit squad.

The weekend was spent doing a whole lot of unwinding as I sat in the afterglow of an amazing month spent with good folks from all over the world. There was basketball and another snowfall and sautéed kale with shitake mushrooms and pans of roasted potatoes finished with pesto. There was dinner out and a trip to the bookstore with Adam while Emily and a friend saw a movie. I finished a second sweater and cast on a small surprise for Emily, to be given on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a long loved holiday for my family and this year it falls on a Friday so I’m thinking a few extra touches for the evening will be nice. We don’t do much - a small gift, a nice dinner at home, candles and kindness. It feels separate from everyday life, like something special is in the air. I realized this year why it is I love this day as much as I do - it's because it feels like the turning point. A final winter holiday before we round the slow corner to springtime. A last hurrah, I suppose. 

Today I planned to be back in the full swing of 100% present homeschooling parent, but this mama decided last minute to put in for a personal day. There is a newly completed farm table sitting in my dining area that needs a few coats of finish. There are two fresh inches of snow to stare at. There are final seeds to be ordered. There is knitting calling to me. There is, in fact, a spontaneous three day weekend happening. I didn’t see it coming, but I think it’s the best idea I’ve had in a long time.