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An Easter Trip to Maine

Good morning! I'm still catching up after Typepad's outage last week. Sharing just a few pics from our recent trip up north to visit my parents on Easter. 









This last photo was taken from my parents' deck.

To get to my folks' house, you drive forever north on the highway, get off and drive two more hours, then you are there. Two hours from the highway. That is unheard of around here (and most places).  Aroostook County feels like the most set-apart place I've ever set foot on. A different culture altogether.  If you ever get the chance, and you are someone that loves a quiet, slow pace (and an early bedtime), you should go. Bring a book, some knitting, a canoe, your fishing pole, and a camera... there isn't much use for anything else. 

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“The spruce and cedar on its shores, hung with gray lichens, looked at a distance like the ghosts of trees. Ducks were sailing here and there on its surface, and a solitary loon, like a more living wave, — a vital spot on the lake's surface, — laughed and frolicked, and showed its straight leg, for our amusement.” 

- Henry David Thoreau, The Maine Woods