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This Week In My Kitchen

A Tiny Peek


Every year, without even a glance at the calendar, I can tell when June is approaching. It feels like the busiest time of year... parties, cookouts, recitals, birthdays, anniversaries, the garden... the days are long and full. As I am sure you know.

I've been working on a room for myself for a couple of months now (oh, those final tweaks and rearranging to get it just right). Today I planned to take some photos and share them with you but instead it is dark and rainy so I think I'll wait for a day with a little more light.

Anyway, here's a tiny peek. A room of my own. For the first time ever in this house... so many more pics to come. 

How are you doing? Is this time of year whooshing by for you too? Believe it or not, I'm kind of looking forward to the hot and sticky, forced slow down of July. (Cannot believe I just said that.)

I'm off to bake some bread for Emily's egg salad sandwiches. It's been nothing but eggs and lettuce around here!