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It's Been Quite an Education

520 11

Sometimes when people learn that we rent this home, and that it is likely not our forever place, they think we're a little crazy for the amount of work we put into developing our gardens and the land in general. But the way we see it, the years spent here are ones we'll never get back. This property is primed for gardening and maple sugaring - and the education we are receiving as a result of our efforts holds value far greater than the loss of walking away from a few dozen garden beds - when and if the time comes. 

Heck, knowing me (and if my favorite garden guru, Caroline, advises it to be okay), I'll ever so carefully bring my blueberry bushes with me when I go! I know the raspberries will be okay to transport so I'll bring a bunch of those, same with a hefty portion of strawberries, and many of the perennials will be divided and packed up in their own satin lined suitcases. Fences can easily be rolled up and thrown in the back of a truck, ready to provide service on another piece of earth (we do very few permanent fence posts for this reason). Even those lady birds of mine could take a little field trip to a new locale, should that day ever come.

I guess what I'm trying to say is we're enjoying the process. Having spent the first 38 years of my life waiting for "someday," I'm finally wise enough to realize that today is the day I've been waiting for. Rented or owned, the garden is magnificent and during this time of year I can't think of another place I'd rather be.

Would you care to take a springtime walk through the garden?

520 7

We've expanded the garden this year, it's a little hard to get it all in one shot.

520 10

The raspberries that were transplanted to this spot in the fall have taken root and look amazing.

520 12

Lettuce is ready for early harvesting.

520 5

Trying a couple of eggplants. I'm the only fan in this house so two plants will do.

520 4

The Kale Cage! Lookin' gooood...

520 1

Two beds of garlic. That doesn't seem like enough... I think we have garlic at every meal.

520 2

What does one do with a spot in the garden that can't be dug (serious tree roots from a big ash we took down in order to get full sun in the garden)? Plant potatoes! And raspberries! Raspberries will grow in all sorts of difficult spaces and we have more baby shoots than I know what to do with.

520 3

We'll see how this goes...

520 8

Blueberries are filled with flowers...

520 9

... as are the strawberries.

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Thank you for visiting the garden today!