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I'm feeling a busy week ahead. 30 Day Vegan starts next Monday, but on Friday I officially open the classroom, send out the digital recipe book, and generally ease into the coming month with everyone who is along for the ride. It feels a little bittersweet though as I've decided this will be the very last run of 30 Day Vegan as a live workshop. There are many other programs and offerings I'd like to provide and part of being able to do that is taking something off the table, in order to create the necessary space to do so.

My hope is to pull 30 Day Vegan into a beautiful self-paced workshop that can be taken at anytime. (So, it won't be going away all together.) While the pulse of it may feel a little different, offering 30 Day Vegan as an "anytime" course is something many people have been asking for. Taking this workshop according to their own schedule is exactly what they've been waiting and hoping for.

A bit of letting go, and a great deal of space and possibility opening up.

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It was a pretty great weekend around here. Entirely too quick, but really good nonetheless. It began Saturday morning with (mostly) Adam shoveling ten yards of compost throughout the garden, then turning it into the topsoil. A process that didn't end until sundown. More than once we expressed serious bucket tractor envy. That would be the dream...

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Striking her "I just laid an egg and want the world to know about it!!" pose.  She stands here for ten minutes bawking at the top of her little lungs each morning post egg laying. It's a hoot.

After all the compost and soil was nicely distributed (how is this for a riveting blog post), along comes me with a garden rake and Virgo sensibility - a girl obsessed with creating semi-raised beds and simultaneously trying to find peace in their lack of symmetry. Our beds have no wooden sides (we'd go broke - our garden has about forty, 8-10 foot beds), just mounds of garden soil. The tops are relatively flat for spacious planting, most of them about two feet wide.

In addition to what I've already planted, over the last week I've added beets, leeks, broccoli, and a few lettuce starts that I picked up at our food co-op. Those should be ahead of our own seeds by a couple of weeks.

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A few minutes of blissful romping before the fencing went up and the "No Chickens Allowed" sign was hung.

At the end of last year's gardening season, as we reflected and planned to move forward, one of the things Adam and I both wanted for this year was "even more variety." So far we are right on track for that happening. I'll write up a full list of all that we are planting soon. Fingers crossed for lots of successful outcomes.

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Here we are, on the other side of the weekend. The garden will likely be on its own for the next few days while we take care of some other things. I'm looking forward to a busy week leading up to 30 Day Vegan. Adding some new recipes, writing a few new essays, saying hello to new faces. Adam is heading back to the office, and Emily is returning to her homeschool routine after a vacation last week. We're doing final edits on, and ordering, the yearbook for her homeschool co-op this morning. She'll go to the gym this afternoon, debate tonight, orthodontist and piano lesson tomorrow... ahh, life!

Who knows... maybe we'll be able to slip into the garden for a brief time this afternoon. Yes, there are other things to take care of, but I'd really like to plant that fourth bed of peas... and mulch the raspberries... and ready the potato beds... and...