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This Week In My Kitchen

Capturing my love of whole foods, combined with the activity of a bustling kitchen.

A weekly collection of photos from the center of my home. 

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  • After Emily's Homeschool Coop Picnic I stopped at the natural foods store in that neck of the woods... $13 worth of potatoes later (enough for 2 meals) and I left truly hoping our method of growing is a huge success this year.
  • We had gotten away from big weekend breakfasts but twice in the last month our table has seen Adam's pancakes and a teenager that deemed them worthy of getting up before noon.
  • I've been fascinated with this cookbook for several months now. Specifically, the story behind it.
  • If you were to come over right now, I'd take you out back to the garden. We'd pick lettuce, spinach, and baby kale. We'd pull radishes and check on the peas - hoping it is time to sneak a few. We might stop at the hen house to gather a couple of eggs, and if you held off your visit for another week or two we'd head over to the strawberry patch to top off our basket with the most perfect dessert. We would have such a good time in the garden. 

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Each day I find myself snapping a picture or two in the kitchen - a pile of ingredients, a table waiting for us to gather around, a sink full of soapy dishes, a cup of tea, dinner as it comes out of the oven - simple, everyday moments in the kitchen. These photos serve as a reminder of days gone by and as encouragement to carry on in this busy kitchen of ours when inspiration is lacking.

Every Thursday morning I'll post my photos from the week, words or recipes optional. Just glimpses into my kitchen and you're invited to do the same!


It's simple to join in:

  • On your blog, post photos taken in your kitchen throughout the week.
  • Words aren't necessary, your photos will tell the the story. Some of us enjoy adding a few thoughts to accompany the images... the choice is yours. 
  • Feel free to grab the brief description at the top of this post, or add a few words of your own to explain the project.)
  • Link back to this post so your readers can visit This Week In My Kitchen and join in. 
  • Come back here and link up your current post (not your main blog) so we can all visit your kitchen!
  • Join me every Thursday or the occasional Thursday if that works better for you.
  • Please be sure to only link up if you are participating in this series. Thank you!


I look forward to visiting your kitchens!