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Barren Highways, God is in the Apples

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We've been going up to Vermont quite a bit this summer. Some trips are longer than others, but each is filled with deep blue skies, green mountains, and quiet highways. The back roads are of course very quiet to travel on, but coming from Connecticut (where I am known to go 20 minutes out of my way just to avoid most of our highways), the barren Vermont highways are a dream.

This past weekend we found ourselves at a farm located far down a dirt road. They sold "sprightly" apple cider in half gallon mason jars at the farm store, which was beautiful and you paid for your goods on the honor system. It turns out this farm is where the movie The Cider House Rules was filmed. We could see why they chose it, such an idyllic location. (Pictured above.)

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The leaves are starting to change and I do feel a few more trips north on the horizon. There are many farms up there that do not spray their apple orchards which is near impossible to find down here. Crossing two state lines for a few bushels of chemical free apples is reasonable in my mind, I've been known to do crazier things. Although the idea of sourcing safe food as a pilgrimage (which is how it feels to me) does sound a little unusual when you say it out loud.  Finding God in a pesticide-free apple orchard? Surely I'm not the only one.