This Week In My Kitchen
This Week In My Kitchen

Rested and Content

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Scenes from our Vermont weekend, visiting my favorite place on this green earth. The place that I know I overly romanticize, but when you love something as deeply as I love these green mountains, how else will you talk about it? Winding dirt country roads, New England history, and deep blue skies are home to me. Whether I physically live here or simply visit on occasion, I've been deeply connected to this land for over twenty years. A feeling of connection to place that has never been experienced anywhere else.

We went pretty far north this weekend, where the foliage was past its peak (but still quite amazing) and many trees were bare. Wood piles were stacked high, and wood smoke was in the air. We woke up to frost. I roasted vegetables and made hot chocolate. We walked in the woods and found a fallen tree with two burls - bowls just waiting to be revealed.

Our time up north could always be longer, but it was healing nonetheless.

Feeling rested and content, I begin a new week back here in Connecticut. I may live here, but it's nice to know my true home is only a car ride away. Until next time.